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Achievers provides training services which best fit your needs as follows:

3/ Master Mind at Work Series

Occupational stress and negative emotions affect productivity, absenteeism, accidents, staff turnover, and stress-related illnesses. These psychological problems impose significant risk to success of organizations and jeopardize employees’ job efficiency and personal well-being.

It is therefore vital that effective initiatives at a strategic level are appropriately applied in organizations to meet the ongoing needs for minimizing stress-related cost and wastage, as well as promoting well-being and resilience of the workforce to deal with ever demanding change and challenge.

“Master Mind at work” is a program for success, which creates happiness, and promotes wellness. Knowing the way to effect change in your mind opens a window of light to new possibilities for success and achievement.

At the end of seminars, participants will achieve the following:

  • Develop a broad based insight into the psychological factors that predict and determine how people respond and cope with change, stress, and crisis at work;
  • Learn to apply established psychological principles and strategies to take effective control of their mind, their work, and their life;
  • Acquire effective mind coaching methods and strategies that mobilize, revitalize, and unleash their inner potentials to advocate and promote wellness, happiness and success at work;
  • Familiarize with a range of mind coaching skills and methods, which include psychometric assessment, insight enhancement techniques, self-empowerment skills, fear-reduction methods, thought reframing and mood regulation strategies, meditation and relaxation training, imagery and visualization exercises, as well as self-hypnosis and auto-suggestion.

Seminar 1) Stress Management for Wellness

  • Life is full of stress! But what is stress?
  • Impact of stress on mind-body Wellness
  • Are you stressed or burn out?
  • Type A personality – Are you prone to stress?
  • How to manage your stress effectively?
  • Exercises on Relaxation and Meditation

Seminar 2) Emotion Management for Happiness

  • Emotions are toxic in the workplace!
  • Do you have an emotional problem?
  • What to do with your emotional problems?
  • What are the benefits of happiness?
  • How to spread happy emotion around?
  • The art of happiness at work

Seminar 3) Work and Life Management for Success

  • What is success in life?
  • How to achieve balance at work and a successful life?
  • Building up the mindset for success
  • Boost your “Luck Factors” for blissful work and life
  • Self-hypnosis for personal congruence
  • Establish a cooperative and harmonious working environment
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