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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI)

mbti logoThe Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the world's most widely used personality indicator, with over 2 million people taking it annually. It is the pre-eminent instrument for giving you a deep understanding of yourself and others. It explains how differences between people can be observed and described. It therefore gives you very clear and obvious advice on building better interpersonal relationships, building an effective team dynamic and developing your leadership style. The MBTI® is therefore the choice of the world's leading trainers, international coaches and employee counselors.

It is a forced choice, self-report, personality questionnaire used to measure and describe people's preferences for taking in information, making decisions and orienting their lives. It is based on Carl Jung's theory of perception and judgment and classifies people into 16 broad personality Types. The MBTI® tool provides a simple way of seeing how people are alike and how they differ. You are invited to celebrate your own strengths then value and respect others for the different gifts they bring to life and work.

The instrument determines preferences on four dichotomies:


prefer to focus their attention and get their energy from the outer world of people and activity



prefer to focus their attention and get their energy from their inner world of ideas and experiences


prefer to take in information focused on what is real and actual



prefer to take in information focused on patterns and meanings in data


prefer to make decisions based on logical analysis



prefer to make decision guided by concern for their impact on others


prefer to deal with the outer world in a planned orderly way



prefer to deal with the outer world in a flexible spontaneous way

Applications of the MBTI®
Compared with other psychometric instruments of similar quality the MBTI® is remarkably good value for money , and is therefore used extensively in organizations in the following areas:

  • Leadership development - identifying leadership style and developingmanagement skills
  • Organizational change - developing resilience to change and guidingchange management initiatives
  • Team building and development - improving communication, enhancingteam problem solving and building team synergy
  • Persuading and influencing - developing selling and influencing skills
  • Coaching and giving feedback - identifying motivators for different individuals and motivating appropriately
  • Resolving conflict - improving the quality of relationships, improving communication and removing misunderstandings.

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discDISC personality assessment which is designed to reflect your style and measurable behaviors. It is available in paper and online formats.

The history of DISC goes back to the observations and work of Hippocrates who identified 4 natural types of temperaments. DISC was further developed and refined by psychologists in the 1960’s. The DISC has evolved into a tool used by millions worldwide to understand behavior types and styles. DISC today is used in the workplace for hiring and teambuilding, in personal relationships to enhance communication, and in a variety of settings to help people understand the behavior of others.

There are four dimensions to the DISC model:
Dominance: How you approach problems and challenges
Influence: How you interact and influence people
Steadiness: How you respond to change and levels of activity
Compliance: How you respond to rules and regulations

DISC identifies not only one’s natural behavioral style but also one’s adapted style. The individual’s natural style is often referred to as “the real self". The adapted style is sometimes known as the “masked self”. It is a list of behaviors the individual believes the work environment requires him/her to demonstrate.


Applications of DISC are:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Establish goals that benefit individuals and organization
  • Assist long-term mentoring relationship
  • Establish realistic milestone for personal development
  • Generate alternatives and action plans
  • Build up an effective team

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firo-bThe FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behavior ™) instrument is a powerful instrument for uncovering your basic needs for interpersonal relationships. It is very often used in combination with the MBTI® as it identifies other deeply held needs which are not captured by the MBTI®. It therefore makes an excellent additional set of data for self understanding and understanding of others. It assesses how you typically behave towards others and how you would like others to behave towards you. It assesses needs in 3 areas, with behaviors in 2 "directions":


  • Expressed – I make an effort to include others in my activities. I try to belong, to join social groups - to be with people as much as possible
  • Wanted – I want other people to invite me to belong. I enjoy it when others notice me


  • Expressed – I try to exert control and influence over things. I enjoy organizing things and directing others
  • Wanted – I feel most comfortable working in well-defined situations. I try to get clear expectations and instructions


  • Expressed – I make an effort to get close to people. I am comfortable expressing personal feelings and I try to be supportive of others
  • Wanted – I want others to act warmly towards me. I enjoy it when people share their feelings with me and when they encourage my efforts.


Applications of the FIRO-B® are in the following areas:
The FIRO-B® tool is an excellent instrument for leadership development, conflict resolution and teambuilding. It provides data which is often not displayed to others and is even hidden from yourself. For this reason the FIRO-B® is used by expert coaches and trainers for more in-depth coaching or counseling of candidates.

Common applications are:

  • Teambuilding – identifying likely sources of compatibility or tension, aiding effective decision making, improving communication, openness and trust
  • Leadership development – increasing self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness for personal growth and leadership development
  • Relationship Counseling – identifying and resolving possible sources of incompatibility and dissatisfaction
  • Assessment – providing essential data when preparing candidates in assessment and development centers.



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harrion assesment

Harrison Assessment

haHarrison Assessment is very effective in recruitment. This psychometric instrument is built around a "lie detector", so enables you to greatly increase your hiring success rate. It is designed to evaluate a candidate's suitability for the job. Suitability measures the candidate's attitudes, motivations, interpersonal and decision-making skills, task and work environment preferences, as well as personality profile. It gives you easy to read reports with specific recommendations on suitability.

The HA is taken online and takes about 30 minutes to complete. It produces a large volume of data which is far richer than results produced by similar instruments. Specifically the HA measures more than 80 traits which are key to assessing a person's suitability for a job vacancy.

Applications of the HA 
The primary application of the HA is hiring the right people, plus there are valuable applications in all the following areas:

  • Recruitment of talent
  • Employee retention
  • Employee development
  • Performance improvement
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Succession planning
  • Outplacement and career guidance

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Belbin Team Inventory

The Belbin Team Inventory, also called the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory or the Belbin Team Role Inventory, is an assessment used to gain insight into an individual's behavioral tendency in a team environment. It was developed by Dr. Meredith Belbin after studying numerous teams at Henley Management College.

The Belbin Team Role Inventory assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment. It is therefore a behavioral tool, subject to change, and not a psychometric instrument. The assessment includes 360-degree feedback from observers as well as the individual's own evaluation of their behavior, and contrasts how they see their behavior versus how their colleagues do.

Unlike the MBTI, which is conventionally used to sort people into one of 16 types by how clearly they express their preference for 4 dichotomous types of behavior, the Belbin Inventory scores people on how strongly their express traits from 9 different "Team Roles".

An individual may and often does exhibit strong tendencies towards multiple Roles. Forming a balance team mix can enhance the effectiveness of your team.

Applications of Belbin Analysis are in the following areas:

  • Ensure that each needed role in a team is actually performed by somebody
  • Clustering certain activities for a team member in logical way
  • If team members are allowed to perform the activities they prefer, they will be highly motivated and enhance the team performance

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lea 360

LEA 360

The LEA 360™ has been researched and developed over the last 25 years by the Management Research Group® (MRG). It is a 360-degree analytical tool, which is now one of the world's most highly regarded leadership profiles.

It is a complex psychometric instrument which provides a rich insight into your leadership effectiveness. You achieve this by nominating a boss, 2 peer group members and 3 direct reports to assess your leadership in the workplace. Your 360 report therefore shows very clearly how your own self-perception differs from the perception of others. Scores from your observers (except the boss) will be kept anonymous as peer group and direct report scores will be averaged out.

The 360 process allows you to figure out how others perceive your leadership in action. The differences in perception among yourself and others are the reference areas for setting up your personal development plans. However you may also wish to consider those very high scores, as these may contain a "high-score potential liabilities." In the same way, a low score is not always bad news as it may carry a "low-score potential asset." 

The LEA 360™ is based on 22 leadership practices arranged in 6 categories:

  • Creating a vision
  • Developing followers
  • Implementing the vision
  • Following through
  • Achieving results
  • Team playing


It is based on the following 4 assumptions:

  • Effective leadership can and should be present at all levels in the organization
  • There is no "one right way" to lead
  • Effective leadership is based on behavior
  • Effective leadership behavior is situational.


Applications of the LEA 360™
Once you have a clear picture of your leadership practices, you will be able to create your own personal development plan to improve your leadership effectiveness.
The LEA 360™ is most commonly delivered to a group of 16 managers. In this case you will receive group feedback from our trainer, who will then design and deliver skills building programs to help you develop quickly in your low score areas.
However many senior managers take the LEA 360™ as part of an executive coaching process. In this case you will receive your feedback individually. Your coach will help you create your personal development plan, then coach you to develop new skills in areas which will significantly improve your leadership effectiveness.



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