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Achievers International Limited (namely the “Achievers”) is a consultancy firm provides you one-stop business restructuring and talent training solutions. We aim at enhancing strategist planning, structuring human capital reserves, talent management and leadership development of your esteemed corporation.

Daniel Ying is the founder of this company, who possesses more than 20 years of management experience in international organizations from Canada, Hong Kong and the Mainland China.  By integrating resources, He was then able to move forward to an even higher level of management within the hierarchy---Talent development, and gain himself reputation in the industry. Until now, he is an expertise with more than 15 years experience in training and consultancy services.

Achievers has a team of experts, including doctors and professors of Business Management, Psychology, Human Resource management and Mediation. It is the company’s will to serve itself to the further growth and development of your company.

The Fortune 500 and listed companies that Achievers has been servicing includes Alibaba, Arup, Allianz Global Investor, Bank of America, Bank of China, Bentley China, the Bureau Veritas, CITIC Pacific, City Telecom, Clariant, CNN Channel, DHL, Dah Chong Hong, Deloitte, Diesel, IBM, Kingfisher, Li & Fung Trading Group, Medtronic, Pizer, SML, SunMicrosystem, Societe Generale Bank, SIH (Iveco), Yan Tin International Port, Veolia Water, Vopak, Volkwagen, the Value Partner, WL Gore, etc.

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